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Tender and Investment Cooperation

Tender and Investment Cooperation with Modern Palace

The Modern Palace is not only royal, but also a kingdom of active cooperation and investment. Our Tender and Investment Cooperation aims to support sustainable economic growth and development by collaborating with Modern Saray's local and international companies and investors. Modern Palace plays a leading role in creating investment opportunities and promoting business.

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    Tender and Investment Cooperation with Modern Palace

    Our Contact Information for Cooperation;



    +(1) 234 564 4848


    +(1) 234 564 4848

    Working hours

    Mon-Fri: 10:00-17:00

    luis vuitton 1

    Istanbul Louis Vuitton (Our Office Building)

    Our Tender and Investment Cooperation program is built on the principles of transparency, fairness and competitiveness. Modern Saray cooperates in accordance with international standards and implements an open, fair and competitive tender process for all its projects. In this way, we make a fair evaluation to get the best, select the best service providers and guarantee the highest quality.

    We would like to proudly state that Modern Saray has a wide network and strong relationships in the field of tenders and investment collaborations. Thanks to the trust relationships we have established with our business partners, we can achieve the best results in cooperation projects.

    Modern Saray'ın zengin kaynakları ve nitelikli ekipleriyle her projeye en iyi çözümleri sunabilecek kapasiteye sahip olduğunu unutmayın. İhale ve Yatırım İşbirliği programımız hem yerel hem de uluslararası iş dünyasına büyük fırsatlar sunuyor.

    Modern Saray's reputation and reliability create an attractive environment for investors. In addition, our cooperation strengthens international relations and supports the economic growth of countries.

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